recycle today for a better tomorrow

"We support the Philippine government in expressing the need for proper waste disposal and recycling materials as a major factor in protecting the environment"

Our Mission

our mission

Our Mission Statement

ABM Junkshop mission is to inspire and be respected business in the environment. We will lead our community in recycling and waste minimization and innovation in an effort to make the world a sustainable place.

Keeping  our environment clean is a shared responsibility. We will educate our community and contribute to the best practices and will be a responsible, trusted and transparent partner not just in our country Philippines but a global effort to reduce waste.

We will measure our success not by how many customers we serve in the community, but how we serve our community when it comes to recycled products. We will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of each of our client.

Metal Cans Becomes

Metal Becomes

"Tin" cans are actually steel cans coated in a thin layer of tin. The tin and steel are separated during the recycling process.

Cardboard Becomes

Cardboard Becomes

Majority of our recycled cardboard can be a different paperboard, bags, corrugated cardboard or another cardboard.

Newspaper Becomes

Newspaper Becomes

Many of the newspapers and magazines collected are recycled in the manufacturer of paper plates and associated paper goods.

Glass Bottles Becomes

Bottles Becomes

Used glass containers can be reused indefinitely. It is actually easier to manufacture new glass containers from recycled glass.