recycle today for a better tomorrow
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    We buy all plastic bottles for recycling.

    Time to change our environment. Let's recycle all this plastics!

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    Organize it!

    We accept and buy all these as your garbage. There's always a money on it!

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    Recyclable bottles

    Binibili po namin lahat ng klaseng empty bottles, mapa softdrinks man or alak.

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    Mga plastic na nakikita natin sa lahat ng sulok ng ating komunidad

    Huwag po nating itapon ang mga plastic sa ating karagatan, ito po ay may halaga ating po itong i recycle!

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    Mga carton or empty boxes

    Lubha na pong nakakalbo ang ating mga puno. Ito po ay may halaga dalhin lamang po sa aming recycling center.

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"We support the Philippine government in expressing the need for proper waste disposal and recycling materials as a major factor in protecting the environment"

Cash from trash

Money was the primary reason why my husband got into recycling. It comes as a shock for many, including myself, to hear my husband confess that. Money before concern for the environment? No way! 

My husband, Orange, always a curious fellow, encountered a man with a kariton (pushcart) with all sorts of junk — your typical diyaryo-bote guy that you see in the streets.

The man buys junk from the household, and later brings it to the junk shop and sells it for a profit. An occupation usually shunned by most, he is able to support a family of five. I doubt if the family lives lavishly, but yes, he most likely earns more than the minimum wage.

'The odour of burning wakes us': inside the Philippines' Plastic City

In Valenzuela City, residents blame recycling plants for pungent smells and respiratory illnesses

by Carmela Fonbuena in Valenzuela City

As noon approaches in Valenzuela City and residents prepare to have their lunch, a pungent smell of melted plastic swirls through the air, killing everyone’s appetite.

“It gets suffocating in the evening. We have to close our windows despite the heat and bury our noses under our blankets when we sleep,” says Rosalie Esplana, 40.

Please Recycle for a better tomorrow

In the Philippines, recycling is largely dependent on the monetary value of recyclable materials which makes it an attractive source of income for waste collectors and recycling centers. In fact, plastic materials have among the highest values among recyclable waste.

Effectively, what makes recycling a commercially attractive waste treatment practice is the existing stream of recyclable materials, and a formal and informal workforce that can be integrated in the waste management system. It can generate income and livelihood opportunities for communities, and formal and informal waste collectors alike.

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Metal Cans Becomes

Metal Becomes

"Tin" cans are actually steel cans coated in a thin layer of tin. The tin and steel are separated during the recycling process.

Cardboard Becomes

Cardboard Becomes

Majority of our recycled cardboard can be a different paperboard, bags, corrugated cardboard or another cardboard.

Newspaper Becomes

Newspaper Becomes

Many of the newspapers and magazines collected are recycled in the manufacturer of paper plates and associated paper goods.

Glass Bottles Becomes

Bottles Becomes

Used glass containers can be reused indefinitely. It is actually easier to manufacture new glass containers from recycled glass.